Fixing the web build

Hi there.

It came to my attention that, at some point in the past few years, the web build of this game had broken on all major browsers. (Well, not unplayable-y broken, but the camera and fonts had all imploded, which was not good.) Thus, I spent some time this afternoon reloading the game in Godot 3.52, and fixing up what I could to re-export. The web version should now work across web browsers.

...but I still didn't add any sound. Sorry. And I removed the Mac OS version, because now that I actually have a mac to test it I've found that it runs terribly on there, and haven't quite figured out how to make a good build for it. But I figure if anyone still wants to play this game, they'd rather go through the web build anyway.

As an aside, it's fascinating to me the 'lifespan' of games. I've been making games for 15+ years now, and the very old ones are practically completely unplayable (Flash...), old Game Maker games stopped working sometime on Windows Vista, even web games can break from how web standards and browsers change. I'm not sure what caused this game to start behaving oddly; Godot uses WebAssembly, and I distinctly remember it playing correctly when it was first launched. All it took to fix the problems was an update to the latest v3 version of Godot (I tried 4.0 update but that was too much breakage), and a re-import of all the fonts.

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Mar 11, 2023

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