Hi there. Last week, I created and published my first tabletop game, and reignited my long-dormant obsession with typography. So naturally, instead of taking a break afterwards, I decided instead to draw an entire serif font. Beholden is the result of that.

Beholden wasn't created with any particular history or design principles in mind beyond 'I think these serif fonts look nice', but the end result visually resembles fonts of the Garalde family, and looks most similar to Garamond. (The inspirations, notably, were not necessarily Garalde fonts, so I'm not too sure how this happened.) I've been told that it looks like it belongs in a Gothic book, and it looks kind of worn, so it might be useful if that's the aesthetic you're looking for.

The fonts are provided in .ttf format; it's released under the SIL Open Font License, so you're free to include it in games, sites, and even modify it (as long as the modifications adhere to the license). You'll have to generate your own webfont versions though; I recommend FontSquirrel's converter if you want to create them for yourself.


Beholden - Original 4 MB
May 08, 2021 600 kB
May 08, 2021

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