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Beholden is a hand-drawn serif font. There were no design principles involved in its creation beyond taking my favorite serif fonts and freehanding something that looks reasonable based on them. Those fonts in question that Beholden is inspired from are Crimson Pro and Alegreya, both of which are very nice and probably more suitable for most projects than this font.

All letters and most other glyphs were drawn with Procreate on an iPad, and converted to outlines with minimal editing (but plenty of kerning tweaks). As a result, there are quite a few imperfections in the resulting font; weight differences between glyphs, crooked / sketchy lines, etc.

Only the Regular weight was drawn; the Medium and Bold weights were entirely machine-generated based on the Regular drawings, and have even more glitches in them. However, I miscalculated how thick the lines should be in my initial drawings, and so the Regular weight is actually fairly light. The Medium weight is probably a better weight for body copy, and is the one used on this page.

What are the different files?

Beholden.zip contains the font files (as .ttf files), and can be downloaded for free. There are three weights: Regular, Medium, and Bold, and italics for each of them. The font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License.

Beholden - Original Drawings.zip contains the drawings that I did for each glyph in transparent PNG format. It's pretty much useless, and there as a bonus if you decide to donate for the font.

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Thank you for this wonderful font! The "imperfections" were just what my team and I were looking for in our game jam entry. Lent a lot to the atmosphere, so we hope you'll take the time to check it out.



There is something really fragile and precious about this font, thanks for sharing it


Beautiful font! I love the little imperfections personally - it really adds character to it. <3


What a cool project! I hope you’ll do more fonts as time and interest allows ^__^