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An epic game. The very first solo I've ever played. The art is great and the prompts are perfect narrative tools. 

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This game rocks my socks. I thought I wouldn't like the card mechanics but I do. Interested in looking at other games based on this game's SRD and of course playing this some more. 10/10 game, do recommend! 


I love this game. I've played it five times and each one has been a delight.

For those thinking about getting it I recommend it. It's flexible so you wont feel like your forced to write the same story. There are also multiple endings with different degrees of success. It's also balanced so you don't get the same type of ending each time.


A really outstanding experience. I've been getting really into journaling games, and this one stands out. It's an example of a more complex game, almost burgeoning towards a DIY board game, but that complexity serves it well.

As I journaled, I decided to put on some music to meet the moods, and this was perhaps the best possible choice. For the Prep Phase I used the light version of the Rivellon theme from Divinity, which captures the sense of a protected sanctuary. For the Confrontation Phase I put on The City Must Survive from Frostpunk -- and I'm not exaggerating when I say that by the time the game was over, I was actually shaking from nerves and anticipation. The intensity of the story playing out that I only had so much control over was amazing!

This is a game that gives you a guided experience to create a story that's all your own -- what you bring to it, it'll give you back twofold. Not knowing how it's all going to play out makes it even more exciting and keeps you pressing on, seeing if you can't find one more resource, get one step closer to 'winning'. Indeed, the process of building yourself up and then getting stripped back down and praying that you'll make it just far enough to get some kind of closure is a gripping experience.

It's definitely not a simple game, as I said, and not something you can sit down and journal out while you're idling about or waiting somewhere; but if you have an hour or so to kill, I definitely recommend experiencing this game. Especially if you've got music to match.


Just did a playthrough of this and really enjoyed it!
I was so worried I wouldn't get to the end since I hadn't picked up any resources in the prep round but I managed to do it regardless!