Well. This got a bit more popular than I expected. Which is not a bad thing at all - I've been very happy to see all the cool art and pictures everyone has been making with it!

I just updated the itch.io version to 0.2.0, which has the following changes:

  • Fixes the JS exception that occurs if the app doesn't have access to localStorage. Now, the app should gracefully degrade and disable autosaving in that case.
  • Ensures that the canvas remains sharp when the browser page is zoomed in on Firefox
  • Changes how the canvas is rendered so that it only re-renders when the view changes or when painting (vs re-rendering every frame in v0.1.0). This should give a minor performance boost.

(The github source and the standalone version have also been updated).

If you ever find an issue, please let me know (preferably through github). I'm still not sure how many features I'd want to add to this, but I will try to fix any bugs that crop up. And of course, I'd continue to love to see more of what you make with this tool!


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May 03, 2020


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Nice work!