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Once upon a time, Zicros the All Powerful Magnificent Ruler was a lich with a cool lich dungeon and a handful of skeleton minions.

And then somehow she and parts of that dungeon ended up in space. In the middle of a space cop patrol route.

So gather up your trusty(?) minions, defeat all the space cops, and figure out how you're going to get back to Earth! ...and maybe deal with a few romantic headaches along the way.


SPACE LICH is a small turn-based tactics game made over the course of two weeks. Gameplay is fairly typical of tactics games, where units move across a grid and attack enemies -- but your players are all undead. They can traverse deep space without (too many) problems, and Zicros can freely resurrect any fallen allies.


All play can be done with the mouse.

  • Left Click - select options, move units, use attacks, advance dialogue.
  • Right Click - cancel options, drag camera. You may also use ESC or BACKSPACE to do the same.

You can also pause with the P key, which isn't a mouse control but shhh.



liches.exe 93 MB
liches.dmg 75 MB

Install instructions

This game was made with Godot 4 Beta 4 and builds...probably work? Download and run the .exe or .dmg, depending on operating system; there shouldn't be any installation.


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Wow, this is an amazing entry! Crisp art, good mechanics, funny dialog! My only complaint is that I wish it were a bit faster to heal when no enemies are around.