A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A young woman stands alone at the wall, painting deep gashes onto the surface.

The wall isn't attached to anything. Once, a long time ago, it was a construction site. Then a building. Families lived here once.

Then they didn't, and the other walls fell down, and this remains.

I record the few people who gather here at this lonely wall.

The young woman, who paints her frustration into it.

The young man, who wishes deeply to save people.

The children, who ponder the predestined time.

Contains mild swearing.

Made for NaNoRenO 2017

By Amorphous and Sleepy Agents

@dmliao / @sleepyagents

We couldn't quite finish the full version in time for the deadline. But we wanted to present something before the jam ends. Here is a demo of around 3000 words, about a third of the full game.

Note: some of the art is placeholder and/or unfinished in this version.

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recording-the-predestined-time-0.05-win.zip 57 MB
recording-the-predestined-time-0.05-linux.tar.bz2 60 MB
recording-the-predestined-time-0.05-mac.zip 55 MB