A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Play as a mahou shoujo idol and gather humanity's souls from the decrepit corpses of immortal machine gods and restart the cycle of life and death in this rhythm-action game!

You can approach the machine gods to activate them and increase the number of tracks you have to work with, or ignore them and attempt to repair the world yourself.

An anime adventure(?) made during Global Game Jam 2020. This game was edited after the jam to fix bugs only, and does not have any menus.


  • Left / Right arrow keys - Move. You'll have to move back and forth to get close enough to the machine gods to activate them!
  • A/S/D/F - Hit notes to the beat!
  • Escape - Quit


  • Exactly one level
  • 3 immortal machine gods
  • A JPop soundtrack with a 10-person choir (for the diversifier)


Dev Team


Update Logs:


- Fixed bugs and redundancies in control mapping
- Added 'esc' to quit game
- Added hold 'R' to reset game
- Added % score counter


power-to-music-win.zip 35 MB
power-to-music-mac.zip 37 MB
power-to-music-win-v1.1.zip 35 MB
power-to-music-mac-v1.1.zip 37 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the 'Power to Music to Save the World via the Repair of the Cycle of Soul Reincarnation' executable to play!

Please note that since there is no menu, the game will start right away.

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