A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Defeat the leviathan that rampages at the bottom of the cavern.

It was not meant to be possible. But you've an advantage that no one else who tried has: the inability to drown.

A platformer made over the course of approximately 5 days for KaijuJam 2, with an emphasis on underwater movement and combat. It was originally meant to be more of a traditional Metroidvania, but there wasn't enough time to implement branching paths and upgrades.


(All controls are explained in-game)

  • Arrow keys or WASD - Move. (Up and down only used in the water.)
  • or Space - Jump. Jump while suspended in water to float, and while floating to sink back to the ground.
  • X or Left Click - Attack. While floating, the direction of the attack is influenced by your movement direction.
  • Shift or Right Click - Dash. While floating, you can dash in any of the 8 directions.


  • There is no ending screen. Once you defeat Leviathan, you're done. (This is why I marked this project as prototype instead of complete - the frame of the game is not quite there.)
  • There is a bug within Godot where polygons attached to skeletal animations may not be culled correctly. I didn't manage to find a workaround in time, so sometimes character pieces (especially for larger characters) may flicker at the edges of the screen.


Leviathan.dmg 123 MB
Leviathan.zip 61 MB

Install instructions

Builds were created in Godot 4.0.2. Because I don't have any developer signing certificates, your machine might warn you that they are dangerous. On Windows, you should be able to override with no problem. On Mac, you may have to follow the instructions provided here by Godot.

I've heard reports that the Mac build may crash on startup the first time; it should run properly on opening the second time.

Development log

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