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Thoroughly enjoyed this one! The hand-sketched art works great with the atmosphere, the music is stellar, and I found the story to be both hopeful and impactful. 


This small visual novel is very interesting! It's got a nice atmosphere with characters and music that make the story go forward easily.


A terrific atmospheric trip through the start and completion of a global catastrophe through the eyes of the residents of a small town and college.

The art is stellar, with each hand-sketched character giving the needed gravitas for the town's condition. In particular, the music stood out to me with flowing deep synths the color of trauma and mystery. The player is able to pull together more information about the characters and scene than the narrator themselves - though they should expect to do a little work to tie all the threads together. as some of the story is presented out of chronological order.
The characters themselves are lovingly flawed - brave in their own way and overreaching to tragic ends. A great short novel!