I guess I made another thing

I have a persistently bad habit of always working on at least 5 projects at the same time, to the point that I never really know what to say when people ask me 'what are you working on?' 

It is at the point where despite how often people ask me what I'm working on, some of the projects never get mentioned, and then suddenly I'm releasing a game that I realize I've never even told anyone that it existed. Like this one.

a short walk in the spring is...a very strange thing that is interactive fiction, I guess. It tells a story about ghosts and flowers, and has a beginning, and ending, and a lot of nonsense in between. To my surprise, people have actually decided to play it through from beginning to end.

It was conceptualized in 2016, and the first version was implemented as a school project. And now in 2019,  I saw that the Spring Thing was collecting submissions, and on a whim I decided to clean up the code, fix it up, and actually release it.

There is also source code available as well as an afterword that goes into the design process, if for whatever reason you want to figure out what the heck is going on. I want to say that this is the strangest thing I've ever made, but it probably isn't the strangest thing I've ever made.


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Mar 30, 2019